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The Grandeur sheep skin saddle is a synthetic bareback saddle cushion. The base is made of robust, hard wearing needle fleece. Normally used for carpeting this needle fleece has been awarded the "Blue Angel". Made in Germany, the fleece is of superior quality and eco-friendly. The seat covers are made of high quality australian sheep skin. The coloured sheep skin is died ( caramel, brown, black and grey).


The Grandeur sheep skin saddle features an open channel in the middle. (see construction sheep skin saddle)
The " freedom of the spine" is not fixed by a firm saddle tree but is formed by the width and firmness of the integrated right- and left hand pads. Depending on the horses back the freedom of the spine can be low or high. Should the pads become too flat after some time, they have to be changed.

Saddle fit:

The Grandeur saddle fit is suitable for all sizes. Gullet width and horse backs do not have to be considered. But the saddle is not suitable for every horse! For horses with high withers and/ or roof backs the freedom of the spine is sometimes not ensured. Before buying a saddle it is important to try first if it fits your horse. Contact a saddle seller. The Grandeur saddle can be fitted individually with extra padding and/or saddle pads suitable for your horse.

Suitability and use:

The Grandeur saddle is an alternative to riding " bare back" or riding with a usual bare back pad. It has not been developed for long distance riding (trecking), horse riders weighing more than 80 kg (160 pounds), frequent rising trot and light rising gallop. Though it is possible to use the saddle for this, please bear in mind that you are using a synthetic bare back riding cushion which is not as stable and secure as a standard tree saddle.


For safety reasons riding cushions and sheep skin saddles should be used without stirrups. Grandeur touch fasteners stirrup straps have been developed to keep the feet still when slow riding. Frequent light trotting and light rising riding can cause pressure marks on the horses back! If you prefer light trotting use a saddle with integrated synthetic re-inforcements or fit them to your existing baroque saddle, dressage saddle or basic sheep skin saddle! (available in the shop). The touch fastener stirrup straps are unsuitable for climbing in the saddle! Please use a stool or some other help. In case of a fall the touch fastener stirrup straps may get loose and prevent a dangerous entanglement with the saddle. This is not the case when using the adaptor together with customary stirrups!


Compared to a standard tree saddle the hold of the Grandeur saddle is not as secure and may slide if a horse moves suddenly! For safety reason the saddle should not be used when training young horses (or nervous and unreliable horses)! Please do not use the saddle if you are a beginner! For safety reasons the use of the saddle is only conditionally recommended for small children.


Do not wash the Grandeur saddle or parts of it in a washing machine! Handwash the sheep skin with a suitable detergent (e.g. in a bath tub) if necessary. Dry the sheep skin slowly. Do not put it on a heating radiator or in the sun. We recommend cleaning the sheep skin saddle with a vacuum cleaner. Do not use a brush when cleaning the sheep skin! When dry the sheep skin can also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Use a small nozzle!

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